May Princess

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May Princess

12G873 - USPP  18771

Yellow Flesh Clingstone Peach

Ripens:  -80, May 6th, With May Fire Nectarine


Skin Color:  Dark red tiger striped into a red-orange background.

Chilling Hours:  Very low chill ~ 300 hours.

Shape:  Round and Very Flat

Bloom Date:  14 days before Rose Diamond.

Size:  Okay for an early peach - 64's in the breeding grounds on its own root.

Bloom Density:  Heavy

Texture:  Very firm and non-melting.

Blossom Type:  Showy

Eating Quality:  Good peach flavor.

Cropping:  Heavy


May Princess is a 2005 release that looks very good again this season.  The ripening date is slightly before Super Rich, as it is low chill, good cropping, good size for an early peach (56's, 64's & 48's commercially, mostly red in color, clean, very firm and non-melting in texture with NO SOFT TIPS, the shape is round and very flat, and the flavor is good.  The variety was girdled in 2009 with no adverse effects.