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18P989 - USPP  15354


Ripens:  -60, May 27th, About 3 Days After Castlebrite


Skin:  Smooth, brilliant orange with red blush.  Free from fog spotting and rust.

Blooming Period:  Early, with Tomcot, about 5 days before Castlebrite.

Shape:  Blocky, somewhat elongated, some sharp sutures with stitching but not cracks.

Blossom Density:  Very Heavy.

Size:  Medium, somewhat larger than Castlebrite, 3.2 oz., 90 grams, 5 per pound.

Anther Color:  Yellow.

Flesh Color:  Brilliant orange.

Pollen Production:  Abundant, Bee Enticing.

Texture:  Firm with average juice.

Cropping:  Light.

Eating Quality:  Strong Flavor with 16 brix

Aroma:  Moderate.

Cracking: Withstood 1/4" rain without cracking in 2002.

Confirmed Pollinator: Tomcot.



A NEW shiny, smooth, bright orange apricot with a beautiful red blush. It ripens in the Castlebrite time period with good size and strong apricot flavor with an average of 16 brix. It has a blocky shape that is elongated toward the apex and has a sharp suture on some fruits with some stitching, however the suture has not shown to be susceptible to cracks, even in rainy conditions. The variety is self-sterile and must have an early blooming pollinator, such as Tomcot. Production is the question for this variety.