Ivory Duchess

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Ivory Duchess

29C17 - USPP 17282

White Flesh Sub-acid Clingstone Peach

Ripens: -62, May 24th, 8 Days Before Ivory Princess

Skin Color:  Full Red

Chilling Hours:  550

Shape:  Globose

Bloom Date:  With Spring Bright

Size:  Very Large on 2nd Leaf Tree

Bloom Density:  Heavy

Texture:  Very Firm

Blossom Type:  Large, Showy

Eating Quality:  Sweet, 16 Brix

Cropping:  Heavy Setter


A NEW release that is very similar to Ivory Princess in fruit quality, but it ripens 8 days earlier.  However, the chilling requirements for this variety are much lower than Ivory Princess, as they are about 550 hours making the variety suitable for the southern part of the valley.