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Princess Time

30C222 - USPP  19545

Yellow Flesh Clingstone Peach

Ripens:  -62 May 24th, Near Crimson Lady



Skin Color:  Full Dark  Red.

Chilling Hours:  Lower chill ~ 450 hours.

Shape:  Round with flattened nose.

Bloom Date:  7 days before Rose Diamond.

Size:  Very large with plenty of 40's commercially.

Bloom Density:  Heavy

Texture:  Very firm, but melting.

Blossom Type:  Showy.

Eating Quality:  Excellent peach flavor.

Cropping:  Heavy



This variety is a 2006 release in the Crimson Lady time slot.  It is fairly low chill, heavy cropping, very large size for early fruit (plenty of 40's commercially), full red in color, clean, very firm but melting in texture, and the flavor is excellent.