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Classic Nectarines The Pearls Sub-acid Yellow Flesh Size & Ripening

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6M900 - USPP  18714

Yellow Flesh Sub-Acid Clingstone Nectarine

Ripens: +15, August 8th, Near August Fire


Skin Color:  Orange to Red, Very Clean

Chilling Hours:  ~ 650

Shape:  Globose

Bloom Date:  With Ruby Diamond

Size:  Large

Bloom Density:  Heavy

Texture:  Very Firm

Blossom Type:  Large, Showy

Eating Quality:  Very Sweet, 16-20 Brix

Cropping:  Good Setter

Notes: A new sub-acid with nice size, very smooth orange to red color, sweet flavor, and ripens in the August Fire time period.  This variety has shown to be our best late yellow sub-acid nectarine, but it is eglandular, which is usually more susceptible to mildew.