June Bright


Classic Nectarines The Pearls Sub-Acid Yellow Flesh Size & Ripening





USPP  18708

Classic Yellow Flesh Clingstone Nectarine

Ripens:  -52, June 3rd, A Few Days Before Diamond Bright


Skin Color:  Full Color, Very Dark Red

Chilling Hours:  ~550

Shape:  Globose to Slightly Oblong

Bloom Date:  With Spring Bright.

Size:  Large, 56's

Bloom Density:  Heavy

Texture:  Firm

Blossom Type:  Large, Showy

Eating Quality:  Very good, Classic

Cropping:  Good setter




A NEW release that has large size with excellent firmness, very dark red skin color, good flavor, and heavy cropping.  This variety is much lower in chilling than Diamond Bright, ripens a few days earlier, and has much darker red color.