Pearlicious II

Classic Nectarines The Pearls Sub-Acid Yellow Flesh Size & Ripening

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Pearlicious II

13G305 USPP 22759

White Flesh Sub-Acid Clingstone Nectarine

Ripens: -63 May 23rd, Just After Rose Diamond

Skin Color:  Full Dark Red, A Little Freckling

Chilling Hours:  450

Shape:  Globose

Bloom Date:  2 Days Before Rose Diamond

Size:  Large for an Early Variety

Bloom Density:  Heavy

Texture:  Extremely Firm

Blossom Type:  Large, Showy

Eating Quality:  Good, averaging 18 brix

Cropping:  Very Good


A NEW release with extraordinary firmness, color and flavor.  It is perfectly round in shape and appears to have good size for an early variety.  It has a lower chilling requirement than Rose Diamond and should do well in the southern part of the valley.