Location:  Le Grand, CA
DATE:  May 14, 2015  -66 Reference:  May Bright -70 Spring Princess -72
Nectarines & Peaches
Nectarines & Peaches
Variety Ripe Description:  All Baby Trees Size mm Brix
27C334 YP -78 3rd Look.  Ok size, excellent color, round, average flavor, non-melting firm - after 3 weeks it has gone past and we do not think it is genetically non-melting, but just very firm at harvest time. 2 1/2" 64 11
2014 61P20 YN LC -76 2nd Look.  Very good shape, excellent color, good crop, firm, large, good flavor, 2 apex slits. 2 5/8" 67 12
69P298 YNSA LC -74 2nd Look.  Subacid, extremely firm, good color, nice flat shape, very good flavor. 2 5/8" 67 15
2012 31C474 YN mLC -72 Large size, firm, excellent flavor, some freckling on the apex, very nice full red color, nice shape.  A couple of days ahead of May Bright. 2 7/8" 73 16
Spring Princess YP vLC -72 Reference.  Commercial blocks - no sample.      
Comm 6M86
May Bright
YN mLC -70 Reference.  Commercial blocks - no sample.      
65P183 YN mLC -70 Baby tree with large fruit that is firm, very good in flavor, good in shape, and full red. 2 5/8" 67 14
2014 2C88 WP LC -70 Outstanding crop, size, shape, and color on a very small tree.  Very good sub-acid flavor.  The shape is round and slightly flat with no tips, noses, or splits observed - but the fruit softened very quickly this season contrary to last year's fantastic firmness.  We must evaluate again in future seasons. 3" 76 14.5
Comm 2P790
Pearlicious I
WN mLC -68 Good crop, firm, very nice color, good sub-acid flavor, a few freckles on the apex.  A few of the smaller fruits on the tree appear to stem push and soften, but not the larger fruit. 2 3/4" 70 16
2014 6G766 YP NM mLC -68 Last year's newest non-melting champion, but this year there is about 40% split pits - which could be from the severe stress we impacted upon the tree to cut all the budwood we could get.  It is still extremely firm, round and flat in shape, great color, and medium crop.  We must wait and watch. 3" 76 13
Variety Ripe Description Size mm Brix
2014 19P518 Cot -66 Ok size, was larger last year, ok crop for low chill, self steril, ok flavor. 2 1/4" 57 16-18
New 44P268 Cot -66 Good size, cling, firm, ok crop - verg good strong flavor. 2 7/16" 62 14-16
New 16Q329 Cot -66 Ok size, ok flavor, medium crop, firm.  Good flavor. 2 1/4" 57 16
New 24C700 Cot -66 Good crop, good size, good flavor, firm. 2 3/8" 60 20
New 39P961 Cot -66 Good flavor, ok size, medium crop, nice color.  Best Flavor. 2 1/4" 57 21
Location:  Kingsburg Orchards Test Block
DATE:  May 14, 2015  -66 Reference:  May Bright -70 Spring Princess -72
Variety Ripe Description Size mm Brix
KO 6M86
May Bright
YN mLC -70 Large, firm, excellent color, great flavor. 2 7/8" 73  
KO 3C797 WN -66 Large, good crop, firm, good flavor. 2 3/4" 70  
Comm 19P422
Golden May
Apricot -68 Honey Gold commercially for KO.  Large, heavy crop, no flaws, smooth orange color - only average flavor - mild and not acidic.