August Fire

Classic Nectarines The Pearls Sub-Acid Yellow Flesh Size & Ripening

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USPP 11477

Classic Yellow Flesh Clingstone Nectarine

Ripens: +20, August 13th, Near August Red


Skin Color: Full Shiny Dark Red Chilling Hours: 600-650
Shape: Globose to slightly oblong with occasional deep sutures. Bloom Date: 3 Days After Spring Bright
Size: Very Large, Peak in 40ís Bloom Density: Heavy
Texture: Very Firm Blossom Type: Small, Non-Showy
Eating Quality: Very Good Cropping: Good Setter


This variety is a mutation of August Red that has most of the same excellent characteristics, except it has FULL RED color in Dinuba.  The variety was discovered in an August Red orchard owned by NORMAN WALDNER and MICHAEL WALDNER.  It is a sure high colored replacement for that season.