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In the United States the Sequoia® Cherry is a group of cherries developed by Bradford Farms exclusively for Warmerdam Packing,

and is handled by them on a proprietary basis. 

Anyone interested in growing the varieties is encouraged to contact John Warmerdam at the contacts listed below. 


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USPP 12859


Ripens: About May 8th in Hanford, 2 Days After Brooks, About 14 Days before Bing

Skin Color:  Smooth, Dark Red

Blooming Period: Early, 6 Days Before Brooks

Shape:  Oblate

Blossom Density:  Very Heavy

Size:  Large, Unless Over-cropped

Anther Color:  Yellow

Flesh Color:  Dark Red

Pollen Production:  Abundant, Bee Enticing

Texture:  Firm, Juicy

Cropping:  Very Heavy

Eating Quality:  Excellent

Aroma:  Moderate

Cracking:  Crack Resistant, but not quite as good as Tulare

Shipping Data:  Very Good

Doubling:  Virtually Non-doubling

Pollinators: Glenoia (42P597), Glenrock (44P855), Glenare (44P1003), Brooks (too late without dormex)



 Glenred is a Sequoia® type cherry developed by Bradford Farms for the southern part of the San Joaquin Valley that is dark red and ripens about 2 days after Brooks. It is large in size, firm in texture, very sweet in flavor and very productive, as over cropping has been a slight problem in the breeding grounds.  Like the Tulare it is virtually non-doubling, and like the Brooks it is large in size.  It is fairly good for crack resistance. The Glenred blooms very early and should utilize one of the early pollinators listed above. It also blooms very heavily and comes into production very in life.  The variety has shown to do well in Arvin (low chill area).


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