Red Bright


Classic Nectarines The Pearls Sub-Acid Yellow Flesh Size & Ripening


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Red Bright

5P610 - USPP  17086

Classic Yellow Flesh Clingstone Nectarine

Ripens:  -32, June 23rd, 8 Days after Spring Bright


Skin Color:  A Full, Shiny Fire Engine Red

Chilling Hours:  ~600

Shape:  Globose to Slightly Oblong

Bloom Date:  3 Days after Spring Bright.

Size: Giant with Large Crops

Bloom Density:  Heavy

Texture:  Very Firm

Blossom Type:  Large, Showy

Eating Quality:  Excellent Classic Nectarine

Cropping:  Very Heavy



A NEW release that has GIANT size with excellent firmness, shiny fire-engine red skin color, excellent flavor, and huge production.  Ripens about 8 days after Spring Bright and 10 days before Grand Bright.