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USPP 6407

Red Cherry

Ripens: About May 14th in Hanford, 6 Days after Brooks, About 10 Days before Bing

Skin Color:  Fire Engine Red

Blooming Period: Early, 5 Days Before Brooks

Shape:  Somewhat Heart Shaped

Blossom Density:  Heavy

Size:  Medium

Anther Color:  Yellow

Flesh Color:  Dark Red

Pollen Production:  Abundant, Bee Enticing

Texture:  Firm, Juicy

Cropping:  Variable, Weather and Chill Dependent

Eating Quality:  Very Good

Aroma:  Moderate

Cracking:  Very Crack Resistant Shipping Data:  Very Good
Doubling:  Virtually Non-doubling Pollinators:  44P1018, Brooks (too late), Glenare (44P1003)


Tulare has grown to be a mainstay in the southern part of the San Joaquin Valley. It is a smooth fire engine red cherry that ripens a few days after Brooks.  It is very crack resistant and virtually non-doubling.  It is firm, juicy, sweet and medium size and has been a good export variety.  It blooms about 5 days before Brooks and can be pollinated using Glenare, 44P1018 and 42P597 as timely pollinators.  Brooks may be used as a late pollinator, and Tulare cross-pollinates Brooks.  The cropping is usually sufficient with reasonable weather and chill.