September Yummy®

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September Yummy®

26P627 USPP 14220

Red Plum

Ripens:  +45 to +75, Sept. 8th to Oct. 7th, after Angeleno


Skin Color:  Smooth, Shiny, Red

Blooming Period:  Mid Season - 2 Days Before Santa Rosa

Shape:  Globose, Blocky

Blossom Density:  Very Heavy

Size:  Large

Anther Color:  Yellow

Flesh Color:  Yellow, Slight Red at the Skin

Pollen Production:  Abundant, Bee Enticing

Texture:  Very Firm

Aroma:  Moderate

Eating Quality:  Sweet, 19-21 Brix


Cracking:  Virtually None Observed, Withstood ¼” of Rain

Cold Storage Data:  Excellent Condition up to 60 Days

Confirmed Pollinators:  Redyummy®, Yummy®rosa, August Yummy®,  Yummy®giant, Black Amber, Catalina, Yummybeaut® .

Cropping:  Very heavy almost every year.


A fire engine red plum that ripens from mid September to mid October - whenever it reaches full color on the shoulders!  It has outstanding smooth, shiny, red color with round and blocky shape, very firm texture, moderate juice - never dry, and very good flavor reaching 19-21 brix.  The variety withstood ¼” of rain without any cracking and stored exceptionally well for 60 days in the cold room.  The variety is showing exceptionally good size and can be harvested with one pick (see commercial bin harvest pictures above).  The blossom produces an abundance of pollen and is very enticing to bees, making the variety very easy to set using any of the numerous pollinators listed above.  It also is a good pollinator for Redyummy® , but blooms a little earlier to rely on just each other.