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Yummy®gem  10P881 - USPP  15809

Black Plum

Ripens:  -54, May 30th, Between Red Beaut and  Black Beaut

Bright's Exclusive


Yummy®beaut   USPP 13478

Purple Plum

Ripens:  -46, June 9th, Very Near Black Beaut

                           Bright's Exclusive


Yummy®giant  USPP 13458

Red/Purple Plum

Ripens:  -20, July 4th, About 1 Week Before Fortune

                           Bright's Exclusive


August Yummy®  26P775 USPP 14247

Red to Purple Plum

Ripens:  +8 to +20, Aug. 1st to Aug. 13th, Last Half of Friar Season

                           Bright's Exclusive


Redyummy® 21C330 - USPP  18663  

Red Plum

Ripens:  +20, August 13th

                           Bright's Exclusive


September Yummy® 26P627 USPP 14220

Red Plum

Ripens:  +45 to +75, Sept. 8th to Oct. 7th, After Angeleno Season

                           Bright's Exclusive



All of these Yummy®plums have been developed by Bradford Farms here in California; however, the name Yummy® is the US and International Trademark of Johnny Appleseed Holdings, Ltd., trading as the Yummy Fruit Company, Hastings, New Zealand. Permission to use has been granted exclusively to Bradford Farms for cultivar names and CTFA compliance.